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Tap into new hires’ insight

A new employee who’s young might have useful knowledge about social media, the latest technology or the newest trends popular among your youngest customers. A new employee who’s been in the working world for a while might have wisdom about your competitors’ strategies, alternative methods for common tasks or more efficient programs. You certainly want to make the most of that knowledge and wisdom, if it’s there. But don’t forget to seek out the insight that all your new employees will have: insight into the hiring process … Continue reading

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Culture fosters innovation—Money can’t always buy it

This is a guest article by Kate Benson, president of Martens & Heads! Innovation is the name of the game in many industries, certainly in all of those that we at Martens & Heads! recruit for. Innovation fosters new products, … Continue reading

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Between a tear and a yawn

My assistant burst into tears on her first day at work, and it was my fault. K. had worked for our customer service department for years before applying for the job as an editorial assistant. With her deep understanding of … Continue reading

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