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How to delegate at work without horrible results

How familiar is this scenario in the workplace? “ I have a million things to do in order to finish that project. Continue reading

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Become a mentally tough leader

To be a truly successful leader—one whom people follow and emulate—you need to develop mental toughness. Continue reading

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Quick tip: Don’t open your email until noon

Most people won’t email you anything that can’t wait a few hours, so rather than spend your first hours feeling the urgency to address email, focus instead on doing your most important work. —Adapted from “8 Steps to Having Wildly … Continue reading

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Take baby steps toward improvement

When you are really behind, small gains in efficiency and time management may not make much sense to you. While those efforts add up to real improvement, you probably feel like you don’t have the time to take baby steps: You need a major change—and you need it now. Continue reading

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Avoid ‘I can do it all’ syndrome

Leaders who think they have to do it all themselves are not leading their teams forward. They are stuck in a rut and keeping staffers in that rut with them. Use these tips to break free: Clarify the task in … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Get More Done

Quick tip for getting more done. Continue reading

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Reach Your Goals in 2014

Make this year be the year that you hit all of your business goals. Continue reading

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10 Daily Tasks that Lead to Success

In a recent LinkedIn article, J.T. O’Donnell, Founder & CEO of shared the top 10 things she does—or aims to do—every day. Continue reading

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Eliminate clutter in 2014 with 3 practices

Purge document clutter with three simple practices. Clear the workplace of excess files when you: Continue reading

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Require meeting prep

Guarantee that team members arrive at meetings ready to participate. Test them on the background materials you distribute in advance. Include a note with the materials explaining that you will begin the meeting with a quiz. Anyone who doesn’t pass … Continue reading

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