Nine to five or 24/7?

Dad’s idea of family time on the weekend was inviting us to accompany him to the office. He’d open Saturday’s mail to get a jump on the week and take care of other work. He even let me tap out a Telex message for him once or twice.

Yes, that was long before email and mobile phones allowed us to work 24/7 from anywhere. Before the word “workaholic” made it into the mainstream, my father clearly was one.

He isn’t in the family summer vacation photos, because he couldn’t possibly leave the office. The fact that he was always available to customers became part of the company’s marketing. Pads of notepaper the salesmen gave to potential customers listed the company information across the top, including this: “Robert Campbell—Always In.”

Then came the day he wasn’t in the office. He was in a hospital bed with tubes running down his throat. The office kept calling him on the phone for answers and sending thick file folders to his hospital room. Clearly his habit of always being available to the office wasn’t healthy for either him or the company.

That’s when Mom said bluntly what she had being trying to tell him for years: “If you die, they will send a basket of flowers and that company will go on.” The message finally sunk in.

It wasn’t long after that when my parents started their own company. Dad still worked hard, but he also found time to spend with the family and to enjoy hobbies. He made the cradle for his first grandchild and the crate to ship it to Italy, where my niece was born. Baking cinnamon raisin bread became one of his specialties.

He learned how to balance his work and personal life before it was too late, and you can too.

Today 80% of workers say they are stressed on the job, and that takes a toll on the work, their health and their family lives. At the Work/Life Balance Training Camp, you will develop your own personal stress management plan and learn how to decrease the stress your employees feel as well.

Sign up for this May event now, before your schedule becomes too crowded, and take advantage of the early bird discount.

What tips do you have for improving your work/life balance?

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2 Responses to Nine to five or 24/7?

  1. paulcasey says:

    Put “life” into your schedule (family, self-care, vacation) first as much as possible, and work around it, instead of vice-versa.

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